Types of Real Property

What are the Six types of Real Property?

Types of real properties are:

Special Purpose


Real estate is outlined because the land with all the enhancements that act created thereto land, e.g. homes, buildings, farms, ranches, etc. It additionally includes natural resources like minerals, crops, and stabile property. These enhancements that involve human action is also below the bottom, e.g. water pipes or sewer pipes and on top of the bottom fence, landscaping, buildings, etc.


Real property similar with assets however can outlined because the rights that square measure connected to the property, in that, material possession has edges and interests within the possession of assets

In different words, property deals with human action and property deals with the advantages and interest of that human action.

Moreover, property additionally refers to not solely the physical property however the rights property property. several of those rights can include;

The Right of possession.

The Right of enjoyment and to use the real property among the confinements of the law.The Right to manage the property among the boundaries of the law. Right of disposition, that is, to transfer, sell, will, or get rid of the property.

What are the six types of real property?

The real property comes in totally different|many various|many alternative} Types and may profit the real estate investor on several distinctive and different views in their investments. the real estate capitalist may target multi-family homes within the residential class. Or have their niche in workplace areas within the business class. they’ll even invest in ranches, factories, stores, workplace houses, etc. the purpose is, there area unit many varieties of real estate to make your land finance business from.These six forms of real property are often agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and special use.


Types of real estate include agriculture. Agriculture uses land to grow crops and to raise animals and plants (trees, gardens, etc.). This type of investment can offer a diverse portfolio that contains many of the same benefits as investing in real estate. Investors can buy, sell and rent agricultural assets. Thus Investors can also invest in the agricultural business itself, such as buying a farm or ranch that produces beef cattle, and the farmer or rancher manages the operation.


One type of Property is Commercial that is some other kind of actual belongings. However, It will consist of belongings that consist of enterprise activity, e.g. workplace spaces, purchasing centers, malls, stores, and amusement centers. Also, hotels, motels, or even parking centers are different styles of industrial belongings.

commercial property.

Types of Commercial Property

Business Property

Business property may include any real property that is owned by a business entity. More importantly, the business property can refer to the dwellings and activity of an actual business. For instance, a mechanic shop that has a garage is considered business property.

Office Space

Office space is a property that has an area that allows the business activity to take place. Regus, a company that rents out office space to small businesses or to people who don’t need to rent out office space on a full-time commitment. Regus offers rent based on usage and offers several areas of office space, for instance, meeting rooms.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are real property that largely deals with retail. Many investors seek out REITs that are shopping malls/centers investments.


The retail market is another investment area that can expand an investors portfolio.


Entertainment, such as theaters and movie complexes. This is another alternative investment that investors overlook.


Hotels are great real property and many real estate investors, once they expand their real estate portfolio eventually invest in the hotel business.

Parking Facilities

Another alternative and overlooked type of real property are parking lots. With artificial intelligence (AI) and newer technologies (e.g. apps), these parking lots and facilities can quickly turn to autopilot, that is, very little management.


Industrial is another type of real property that obtains buildings such as warehouses, power plants, and factories. For many investors, the industrial sector is the least talked about and focused real property to invest in. However, for the investor, investing in industrial real estate should not be overlooked.

Types of Industrial Property


A warehouse is use to store goods and resources. Yet, these warehouses don’t simply store the goods and leave them there for a long period of time. Many warehouses are active, in that,  wholesalers, importers, exporters, etc. all use warehouses to keep product and goods flowing to their customers. An investor should take note of the potential possibilities of warehouse investments.


Factories are manufacturing plants and consist of buildings, machinery, and equipment where goods are manufactured in a complex systematic operation. On a side note, factories started during the industrial revolution when many goods could not keep up with the supply and demand from small workshops. Sometimes, the greatest investments are those the fly under the radar because people are not looking for them.

Power Plants

Power plants or power stations generate our electricity and create our electric power. With the growing and the push for greener and greener energy. Innovation has allowed us to create some fascinating and potentially groundbreaking investments.


Mixed-use property is a type of real property that has multiple uses for that property. That is, for instance, commercial and residential within the same property.

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