Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Program

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Finally Pakistan Government has launched a big real estate project of 5 million houses. The first phase of project has started in seven main cities of Pakistan including ICT – Islamabad Capital Territory. Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Islamabad, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Faisalabad, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Swat, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Quetta, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Gilgit, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Sukkur, Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 

Attention: The houses will be given to the end consumers on first come first basis. So be quick and download here registration form for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Find below the complete & useful guide about all Naya Pakistan Housing Schemes project.


One of the key features for Naya Pakistan is to improve the housing situation for Pakistanis.

There is a shortfall of over 10 million houses, and every year we are adding to this backlog.

This government intends to promote access to housing to the people of Pakistan and jumpstart the housing sector.

The salient features of this housing is to make housing affordable to people are the following

  • Increase buying power by providing loans of longer tenure fifteen to twenty years.
  • Reduce cost by standardizing design and specifications.
  • Reduce cost by significantly cutting down the approval time.
  • Develop new communities with access to infrastructure.
  • Reduce the upfront cost of builders by providing them land in installments and minimum time for approvals and infrastructure before start of construction.
  • Provide project loans to builders so that they can complete housing project in the shortest possible time thus improving their ROI and at the same time reduce the investment period thus reducing the overall cost for the end consumer the main objective of this scheme

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